Units, Lesson Plans, & Assignments

I have organized this section of my portfolio into individual lesson plans, over-the-session projects, and individual assignments. Please look around!

Over-the-Session Projects/Assignments

Examples of different projects or assignments I have done that extend over an entire session. The three I have highlighted here are listed below. For each, I have included guidelines and student examples.  Academic Reading Circles Extensive Listening Portfolios Podcast Assignment

Lesson Plan Examples

Below are links to examples of three detailed lesson plans. The first is for a grammar course, second is for an Undergraduate bridge course, and the third is for upper-level listening and speaking courses. Noun Clause Lesson Plan (Advanced II Grammar) Introducing “Thank You, Ma’am” (UGMET Reading & Speaking) Puzzle of Personality Listening (Advanced Listening … Continue reading Lesson Plan Examples

Presentation Skills Unit

This slideshow walks students through a unit on presentation skills, including: stressing keywords & transitions defining strategies presenting language answering audience questions The final section of the unit asks students to put what they’ve learned into practice by giving “mini-talks” on one-slide presentations. [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/1NFY9niLw_K_nUcWXZekXfCmxozvX3TBL34bYxg8C9Gs/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”480″ height=”329″ /] I would like to thank … Continue reading Presentation Skills Unit

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