Tests & Quizzes

Have a look at some of the original tests and/or quizzes I’ve creative for my classes.

  1. Advanced II Grammar Final ExamI love making grammar exams and believe that they should include a vast array of question types, including those where students must produce the target structures. I often use story boards on my tests (see final page) which allows for creativity and gives students a spring board for their responses. 
  2. Sample Listening Exams: I incorporate multiple question types, including a final synthesis question which requires students to make connections between the test content and previous class content. 
    1. University Preparation Listening & Speaking Midterm Exam
    2. Advanced I Listening & Speaking Midterm Exam 
  3. Advanced II Reading/Vocabulary ExamWithin the folder you will find links to the exam and the reading used on this exam. 
  4. Sample vocabulary quizzes: On my vocabulary quizzes, I give students ample opportunities to prove that they understand the meaning of a word. You will notice that there varied question types allowing for students’ differing learning styles to be accounted for. 
    1. Example #1
    2. Example #2

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