Student Evaluations

NOTE: A link to a full up-to-date report can be found here(June 2017)

Quantitative and Qualitative Summary of Student Feedback from Instructor Evaluations (from the English Language Center)

The ELC provides student feedback surveys at the end of every session.  These surveys are broken up into two main areas: on print-versions, the first ten questions are designed at evaluating the instructor’s performance whereas the last five questions are positioned to address course evaluative feedback (on digitized versions, the first twelve questions evaluate instructor performance and the remaining four address the course). Over the last five years of student feedback data, the aggregate shows that out of 2,718 total responses, my evaluations score ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ 97.79% of the time. See the graphs below.

Both Graphs

Please scroll through the scanned evaluations by clicking the link below.

Linguistics Course Evaluations (from the English Department)

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